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What Should Sewing Machine Tension Be Set At?

What Should Sewing Machine Tension Be Set At

Even stitching on both ends of any fabric starts with correct tension on your sewing machine. Tension also ensures your fabric moves smoothly and evenly throughout the sewing process. If the tension is too tight, it will be difficult for the thread to move as you sew. To know what sewing machine tension needs to […]

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How are Sewing Machines Made?

how are sewing machines made

Sewing machines are now being used almost everywhere in this world where it is so important to save time and energy. The modern sewing machines help us achieve both. There was a time when most of the stitching were carried out by women in their respective homes as they went about spending tedious hours during […]

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How Have Sewing Machines Changed Over Time?

How Have Sewing Machines Changed Over Time

A century is a long time. In the 1800’s, a sewing machine was thought to be a great invention, and today, lies around unattended in many households around the world. They have changed in their design and shape as well. The sewing machines that are available today are extremely light and easy to use. They […]

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How did Sewing Machines Work in the 1800s?

How did Sewing Machines Work in the 1800s

It was way back in 1790 that Thomas Saint, an English inventor invented the first sewing machine. However, he did not advertise or market it like Elias Howe, an American who is now credited for creating a sewing machine ideal for factory use. In the 1800’s, sewing machines were thought to be a great invention […]

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Do Sewing Machines have Sergers?

Do Sewing Machines have Sergers

The simple task of a sewing machine is to hold two fabrics together and produce a stitch. From the turnover side of the fabric, you will be able to see the seam allowances which are the leftover bits after the fabric has been stitched. These seam allowances pose a problem sometimes after the fabric has […]

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Did Sewing Machines Lead to Other Inventions?

Did Sewing Machines Lead to Other Inventions

While you may spend your time sewing things you love, did you ever wonder how important sewing machines were to the world of science? Sewing machines were once hailed as a great work of achievement, and while you might find the working pretty simple, it’s what paved the way for many future discoveries. We would […]

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Can Sewing Machines Overlock?

Can Sewing Machines Overlock

What is an Overlock? First, it is important to explain what an overlock stitch is. Overlock is generally sewing over the edge of one or two pieces of cloth for the purpose of edging or seaming. There are special overlock sewing machines that are available that trim the edges of the fabric as they move […]

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Can Sewing Machines Do Embroidery?

Can Sewing Machines Do Embroidery

Sewing isn’t just good as a hobby – it can be a good career choice for you as well. If you’re learning to sew, you would want to develop some embroidery skills as well. Beautiful embroidered designs just make those clothes sell more. While there are machines today to help with embroidery, remember, it was […]

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Can Sewing Machine Needles be Sharpened?

Can sewing machine needles be sharpened

Sewing machines have definitely made the art of stitching less painful and time-consuming. Of course, we all know, that the needle is perhaps one of the most important parts of the stitching machine. Whether you are carrying out a minor repair at home, like altering the length of your skirt or even stitching a full-fledged outfit, […]

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Are Sewing Machines Easy to use?

Are Sewing Machines Easy to use

In today’s world, knowing how to sew is a huge advantage. You can handle minor alterations and stitches yourself instead of wasting time visiting a tailor who will charge you more than you deserve to pay for such minor changes. However, while stitching earlier took tons of patience and time and effort, technology has changed […]

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