Can Sewing Machines Do Embroidery?

Can Sewing Machines Do Embroidery

Sewing isn’t just good as a hobby – it can be a good career choice for you as well. If you’re learning to sew, you would want to develop some embroidery skills as well.

Beautiful embroidered designs just make those clothes sell more. While there are machines today to help with embroidery, remember, it was the sewing machines that helps with embroidery before.

How to Embroider with the Sewing Machine?

To embroider with your regular sewing machine, you need to perform a few simple steps before you begin.

1. Get the Equipment

The principle equipment for the embroidery work is your sewing machine.

However, there are a few other things you would need to.

1.1 Get a Darning Foot

You will have to install a darning foot to enable you to stitch safely without your fabric flagging.

  • Place it after the presser foot is removed from its place.
  • Put the screws safely in the grooves and tighten them up to secure it in place.
  • Check that you get a spring action required for the process of free- motion embroidery.

The darning foot reduces the time you spend on putting the fabric back in place and makes the embroidery come out neat and clean.

According to the type of your sewing machine, there are different styles of darning foots available. You can choose the one that fits perfectly to your sewing machine.

1.2. Get those embroidery scissors

You will also need to buy a pair of embroidery scissors to deal with the loose ends of thread. You will also be using it to cut out extra threads after making the joints. Keep a pencil or marker with you too, to draw the pattern before you start the embroidery.

1.3. Don’t forget the embroidery hoop

An embroidery hoop is another important equipment required during embroidering. You don’t need to buy an expensive one; the simplest one can also solve the purpose. Contrary to the hand embroidery, it is placed back to front in case of the machine embroidery.

2. Set up the Machine

Now, you need to set up your machine for embroidery. The first thing would be to install the darning foot as mentioned above or you can also watch a video tutorial on YouTube to get the clear instructions.

  • Handle the tension, and check whether the thread runs smoothly on the fabric.
  • Lower the feed dogs of your sewing machine.
  • The feed dogs facilitate the fabrics’ free movement and thus by lowering them would allow the fabric to move only when you want to and at whatever direction you want to.
  • As the fabric would stay in place, you will be able to embroider well.
  • Lastly, set the stitch length to zero to embroider accurately where needed.

3. Start Embroidering!

Now you can easily begin embroidering your favorite pattern onto your garments. Press the foot control, and then you need to push your fabric a bit in any direction.

To be sure, you should always try on some sample clothes first before you embroider on your expensive fabrics. Try on some regular open and straight lines and then slowly move on to the complex patterns.

You need to make sure that you hold the fabric tightly to avoid any loops or overlapping. Embroidery needs a lot of self-confidence as you have to keep your hands and the movement of your fabric in control.

An inch here and there could spoil your pattern with a no-redo option. Be positive before you start up embroidering and after a few tests you will be able to master this skill with efficiency.

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