Can Sewing Machines Overlock?

Can Sewing Machines Overlock

What is an Overlock?

First, it is important to explain what an overlock stitch is. Overlock is generally sewing over the edge of one or two pieces of cloth for the purpose of edging or seaming. There are special overlock sewing machines that are available that trim the edges of the fabric as they move over them. An overlock sewing machine is also known as “sergers” in the United States. Since these machines come with cutters, they help make finished seams faster and easily. These sewing machines are meant for industrial use and run at extremely high speeds.

Difference between a sewing machine and an overlock sewing machine.

Here is a look at the top differences that you can find when it comes to a normal sewing machine and an overlock one.

  1. First of all, a sewing machine and a specifically overlock sewing machines are two completely different things.
  2. On a sewing machine, you have to cut the fabric and then sew it. However, on the overlock one, while the needles are stitching, there is a blade, just before the needle, that cuts the fabric as well. Thus, it saves time and effort.
  3. Another difference is the number of threads used. The average sewing machine uses one or two threads. However, the overlock sewing machine uses three to four threads for the stitch.
  4. The overlock sewing machine works way faster than the normal sewing machine. While the neck of the sewing machine is long, that of an overlock sewing machine is very short.

The good news!

If you’re now wondering whether you need to buy an overlock sewing machine, in spite of having a normal one, then we have good news for you! Most of the normal sewing machines have a unique overlock stitch that resembles the stitch of an overlock sewing machine.

Generally, people use zigzagging to finish their edges without even knowing that their sewing machines have an overlock stitch. It might use more thread and will be a slower process, but it is highly firm and secure. It is different from zig zag, because it has a unique foot with a small pin, that makes the stitch hold on cleanly on to the edge of the fabric.

You have to look at your sewing machine properly and you will notice a special foot meant for the overlock stitch. The pin meant for this purpose will flatten the fabric and help move the thread round it.

It is quite easy to work with a sewing machine and once you have practiced enough, you can work fast. Most of the time you would have to spend is on learning the basic sewing skills.

So the next time you sit down with your sewing machine, look at it carefully, and you might just discover a new (and useful) feature!

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