How Have Sewing Machines Changed Over Time?

How Have Sewing Machines Changed Over Time

A century is a long time. In the 1800’s, a sewing machine was thought to be a great invention, and today, lies around unattended in many households around the world. They have changed in their design and shape as well. The sewing machines that are available today are extremely light and easy to use. They come with different modes and start/stop buttons and several other fancy features, making them a delight for both the beginners as well as the experts.

How have the times changed for sewing machines?

However, things were not always like this. Initially, stitching was done by needles that were made of bone. This was around 25,000 to 30,000 years ago. With times changing, stitching was then carried out by hands, using needles and was a tiring and painful task that was mainly carried out by women. While several attempts were made at designing the sewing machine to make the task easier, it was Elias Howe, who was the first person to invent a successful sewing machine in the year 1846.

What was it like before?

The earlier ones involved a needle, a wheel and a rod. They were all connected together. Move the rod up and down and the wheels would turn, making the needle move up and sown as well.

How good are the modern sewing machines?

With technology inventing new machines and improving existing ones, the modern sewing machine is anything but big, bulky and boring.

Though the earlier ones were heavy, difficult to move around and rather ugly looking, the modern ones are extremely small, light and come equipped with all the fancy features making stitching irresistible for everyone. Experienced adults as well as the excited kids today love using the sewing machine and have taken stitching up as a hobby. And it is all because of the sewing machine.

The evolution of the sewing machines:

Stitching was first done by hands, where thousands of women were employed in factories and worked at home, stitching using their hands, thread and a needle to manufacture clothes.

The first sewing machines – While the first patent of the sewing machine goes back to 1842, it wasn’t a successful one, but did plant the idea in several minds. This machine used small wheels that were used to fold the cloth and a long needle was pushed through it, easily moving the thread through the fabrics.

Elias Howe, however, struggled for a few years, investing huge amounts of money and his valuable time to come up with a successful version of the sewing machine. Even when he did, the common public was slow to understand the great invention, but the trend then gathered momentum. Today, the sewing machines use Howe’s principle, but have made slight changes and modifications, to get their own patents.

When it comes to the looks, the modern sewing machine looks nothing like its predecessors. While the first sewing machines were big, heavy and made for one specific purpose, the modern ones are portable, light and made for a variety of tasks and come equipped with fancy features!

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